The Man Who Creates Giants In The Woods of Copenhagen

If you go down to the wood today, you are sure of a big surprise.

Thomas Dambo is an artist from Denmark who has been treating his hometown of Copenhagen. Deep in the wilderness lives 6 wooden sculptures of giants, all handmade from scrap wood like recycled pallets. Along with a small team of hands, he has created an exciting hunt for all ages.

Dambo is no stranger to sculptures. Over the last 3 years, he has created 25 large recycled sculptures around the world. Unlike some art, these are made to be climbed all over. The idea of these sculptures are to inspire people to enjoy the adventures which can be had in beautiful nature spots.

All the friendly giants have their own design and personality. Teddy Friendly, Oscar Under The Bridge, Sleeping Louis, Little Tilde, Thomas On The Mountain and Hill Top Trine are waiting to be found.

To lend a helping hand, there are poems and maps to give the explorers clues. Dambo says that his favourite super models for this project are Gorm and Knud, his two adorable boys.

All photo credit goes to Thomas Dambo.

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