Crafters Are Turning Their Duvet Covers into Incredible Dresses

I would like to introduce you to my favourite new craze in the crafting world - duvet dresses. You may remember our recent blog showing the genius ways which people are saving our planet, one handmade project at a time. Well these DIY duvet dresses are in that planet saving gang and I can't get enough of it. If you have ever wished you could go out into the world stylishly wearing your old Sponge Bob Square Pants duvet cover, then read on!

Silly Girl Club

I first spotted Nikki Millar rocking her throwback duvet outfits on this BBC interview and I was hooked. She has turned this love for sustainable fashion into Silly Girl Club, an amazing company that sells dresses, bumbags, pocketed tees, make up bags, dresses, jean jackets and many more stylish clothing items. No longer do you have to dream of a Disney Pocahontas bumbag for your next festival; Silly Girl Club have you covered.

Duvet Lovers Sewing Bee

I mentioned duvet dresses at a recent craft workshop I was teaching and one of my crafters told me about the Duvet Lovers Sewing Bee Facebook Group. My Facebook news feed has been making my heart light up ever since, admiring what people are making from their quilt covers. Here are some of the incredible transformations from this awesome growing community:

Amazing transformation by Sonia Coombs . These duvet dresses could roll out of bed and into any office or wedding.

Made by Tiffany Moloney, this Joules duvet cover was born to be a dress. Those colours are beautiful.

Dressing gown by Dianne Lindley. The perfect way to be stylish yet comfortable.

Thank you so much to the ladies that let me feature their dresses. They are too good to not show off. I have been blown off my feet by the talent in this Facebook group. As well as dresses, I've seen baby outfits, cushions, coats, shower hats, bibs, shorts, scrunchies, dog bandannas, bags...the list could go on and on. Note: I do not run this group (just fangirling) but I do recommend it. It is well managed and is just full of duvet up-cycling inspiration.

Dust off your sewing machine and sewing patterns. The risk is low and the reward is so damn fabulous! I hope to see you around the Duvet Lovers Sewing Bee Facebook Group soon.

What type of outfit would your duvet cover be?

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