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how MAYINSPIRE works

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Mayinspire is a platform which allows teachers to find creative workshops for adults, based on categories such as the length of time, level of difficulty and price of workshop.

We know finding workshop ideas, making them work for your needs, working out the supplies, marketing a workshop and then prepping for a group takes an unappreciated amount of time. We cut this time down for you, so you can learn new relevant new creative skills quickly, and enjoy running engaging creative workshops. Think of us as your little Workshop Assistant, doing the boring bits for you.

We stay up to date with trendy creative workshops worldwide, and give character to traditional crafts. Adults take home something can proudly show off at home. Since launching in 2016, we have hosted a wide variety of craft groups in Hampshire. We have taught over 100 different types of creative skills, which include dream catchers, quilling, embroidery, decoupage and needle felting. It's all about enjoying getting creative, even if you aren't normally creative.

Mayinspire helps all levels of Activity Coordinators and Workshop Teachers. You might need experimental art play for adults, or hen do party events. 



Mayinspire was born from an obsession with craft and a need to socialise in a creative environment. Gem and Sue (mother and daughter duo) from Southampton started Mayinspire as a creative workshop business, teaching arts and crafts skills to adults. They spent years delivering colourful workshops, specialising in teaching adults.

Gem Alone_edited_edited.png

"My favourite workshop to teach is dream catchers."

Icon - Sue2_edited_edited.png

"I like craft with a giant cup of tea...just don't dip the paint brush in like I do!"

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