Meet GEM

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Hi, I'm Gemma Pratt. I'm a craft addict that struggles to take life too seriously.

Mayinspire originally started as a craft blog. I wanted to share the things I'd made for my home and try to find crafty people like me online. Over the years, I spent so much money on making projects that my home was overflowing with craft supplies. When I was asked to start a local craft group for adults, my husband gave me the confidence to share the skills and fun supplies I had built up (I think he just wanted a tidy home!). Many years on and here we are. I'm absolutely head over heels in love with Mayinspire and am very proud of this positive, non-judgemental craft company.

I think it is important for us to put our own stamp on projects, so we spend a lot of time adapting them into 'Mayinspire makes'. As well as crafts, I also have an interest in art, woodwork and DIY, so I like to create fun projects which teach these skills too.

My favourite craft to make and teach is dream catchers. They have such a lovely history to them and I love seeing the different designs which people make. It is hard for me to stick to one craft though as I'm a little bit addicted to trying new things. It also depends what mood I am in, for example when I'm tired, I love relaxing with some painting or needle felting.

I am on a lifelong mission to make my world more colourful (Kawaii dreaming!) and my friends would describe me as very quirky. I'm currently training to be a qualified teacher for post 16 students (college and university age) and I'm also working on convincing my husband that we desperately need a budgie or two.

So that's a bit about me. I would love to see you at our craft tables soon to find out more about you. Check out the What's On page for planned dates, get in touch if you would like a party at our new studio space or book a craft table on our reservations page.

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