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Inspired By: Puzzle Artist Tim Klein

Tim Klein is an artist who has become known for creating imaginative designs by combining puzzles.

[Iron Horse, Tim Klein]

Did you know, most puzzle publishers use the same die-cut pattern? This means that most puzzles are made up of the same shapes and are the same size. Klein discovered that if he found two or more puzzles cut from the same die, he could swap out pieces. Based in Vancouver, Washington, Klein searches for vintage puzzles at charity shops and garage sales, then combines them into new unusual images.

[Who Holds the Cage Holds the Bird, Tim Klein]

I find this next one quite scary! The All-Seeing Elephant.

[The All-Seeing Elephant, Tim Klein]

It took me a little while to spot the people in the next piece, but when I did, it became my favourite bit. This one is so joyful.

[The Mercy-Go-Round (Sunshine and Shadow), Tim Klein]

The 'Consider yourself hugged' phrase in the next one is super sweet. Who knew beer could be so adorable?

[Surrogate, Tim Klein]

Tim Klein is clearly an artist with a lot of humour to accompany his imagination. Many of his pieces leave me smiling from ear to ear.

[Metamorphosis (Joy), Tim Klein]

The name of this next piece is genius. I give you, the T'rainosaurus Rex.

Would you ride this train?

[T' rainosaurus Rex, Tim Klein]

Some puzzle swapping is just brilliant, like these two puzzles which work perfectly.

[Bow Wow, Tim Klein]

Thank you to Tim Klein for allowing me show off this fantastic work. I am in absolute awe of the creativity and would love to see Tim's puzzle collection - it must take up many rooms.

See more on his website: Not only will you find his artwork which is for sale, but you can also read the background behind each piece.

So the next time you see some puzzles in a charity shop, why not get creative and make something wildly unique (if you are brave enough to try something this creative!).


This reminds us of the imaginative work which can be created in collage making and mixed media art. Keep an eye on our latest craft workshops for opportunities to learn more about these creative workshops at beginner level.


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