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Entertainment ideas for creative workshops

Adding entertainment to an arts and craft night is a great way to generate some excitement and bring new people to your events and venue. The best events are quirky and original, so here are some ideas to get you started.

Build an atmosphere

If you have a music license, create Sunday Sing-alongs or Power Ballard Friday Nights to promote a great atmosphere. These can be themed to Christmas songs, spooky Halloween songs or movies.

Print out lyric sheets, reward passionate singing with mini prizes and be sure to bring the feather boas.

Mindful crafting

Music is perfect for longer projects which take a lot of concentration. Having a musician in the room playing acoustic music stops the awkward silence, while making the most of the relaxing slow pace.

Bonus, did you know, if a musician is playing their own song, then you don't need a music license (please do check the rules at the time of your event though, just in case they change!).

Drag Act

I saw this done recently, and it is lots of fun. The drag act will come in once you've explained the creative project and do a performance while people get creative.

Little tip: if you are new to the drag world then I recommend attending your local pride events. It's great to support pride, and you often get to meet the fabulous local drag queens. Don't be shy, they'll be more than happy to talk about their act. Some are, how shall we put it, less tame than others, so make sure you get the right act for your crowd. Some will mime to power ballards, other tell jokes, and some have cheekily remixed popular songs.

Tip for Mayinspire Members: Filter your workshop library by 'trendy' or '18+' for workshops which suit these acts perfectly. [releasing later in the year. Not available yet.]

Incorporate the entertainment

Why let the entertainment distract people from getting creative? For the ultimate workshop, incorporate it.

If your crowd would find life drawing too serious and artsy, then hire a circus performer or model to pull some more interesting poses.

Think of your workshop like entertainment and put on a show!

Overall tip for Mayinspire Members

Filter the workshop library by EASY workshops, and make sure to print out the How To guides for your creatives. This will mean you have less instructions to give throughout the workshop, leaving people to enjoy the entertainment and get creative.

[releasing later in the year. Not available yet.]

Stay creative,

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