Ladies Craft Party

I attended a Ladies Craft Night for my Friday night entertainment, and let me tell you; it may not have included dancing or cocktails but it was excellent all the same.

I will share with you the tips I picked up for holding a craft party, the items I made, and a little about the experience.

Thank you, truly

Firstly, thank you to the wonderful ladies at this event, and the organisers. I didn't know anyone, yet you all welcomed me so nicely, you are all truly fabulous. Happiness is contagious so it is no wonder it was a happy event with those women.


I must say, as a drove to this event, I was full of nerve. It has only been a few days since I got braces, so confidence levels when talking are a little lower than normal. I questioned why I was deciding to walk into a packed room of people and mingle. When I walked in it was clear that everyone knew each other, so it would have been easy to step to the side of the room like an oversized fly on the wall.

As soon as I bumped into the first person at the event, I forgot all about these worries. I was more interested in finding out about everyone, than I was about caring what I looked like.

How to Hold a Craft Party

Oh this was a well organised craft night. As I was an attendee, I can’t claim by any stretch of the imagination to have been involved with the planning, but those that were did the job perfectly.

The ladies that attended come together for themed evenings every few months. The last one was a film night, the next will be an Easter fair, and they’ve also had a summer BBQ.

We were all asked to come with a savoury item and a couple of pounds to help with the event costs. I arrived with a trusty pasta salad mix, some fancy baked crisps, £5, and no idea what I was getting myself into. After enjoying the food (‘new braces’ friendly food hunt is a game I am already very good at) we randomly picked a slip of paper with two letters on. There were 10 tables (A-J) and time for two activities for everyone. So off you tot to your first activity, finding the one labelled with your first randomly selected letter. Craft and giggle away, until you are mixed up into a new group at your next table. It was a great way to interacting with a whole bundle of people.

Each person teaching at a table had set up their items before everyone had arrived, so there was a lot of anticipation as people guessed what they’d be making. We could see what looked like book art, mosaics, brooch making, magnet craft and a lot of tables which we couldn’t suss out.

Origami Stars

My first table was making a little jar of joy, full of stars made from paper strips. Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars…I digress

The thought is that you can add a little star with a message into the jar every time something makes you happy. Then around the time of New Year you can open it up and reminisce about the great year you had. I think this is such a beautiful way of remembering the little things which make you feel good about life. I will do a blog next week about how to do these, because they look so adorable but for now, here is how my Little Jar of Joy turned out:

Personalised Card & Box

Warning, if you are my mum, please look away.

I made what will be a sweet Mother’s Day card which comes in its own little box! It really didn’t take long and makes me wonder why I don’t make more cards from the mountains of craft bits I have in my home.

The box is made out of two pieces of card, one for top and one for the base. Don’t you know it’s all about the bass, about the bass…I digress. All our pieces of card were kindly cut and scored for us, so we only had to cut the slits, stick double sided tape and fold them in to create the box. We could then decorate the card and box as we liked.

The butterflies were made with a butterfly hole puncher which I think I need to get my hands on so I can stick beautiful butterflies on everything! When sticking them down, I learnt that glue dots are a thing and although I don’t know who thought up this invention, I know they deserve a medal.

To hold and hide the ribbon, I used the glue dots on each wing of a butterfly leaving a gap through the centre, to allow the ribbon to flow through.

It was a fun night and I met a lot of people with similar interests which I plan to see again. The whole event was from 7pm – 10pm, and we had around 45mins on each table. Time flew by and before I knew it, I was watching people leaving with their amazing craft.

Well, I must dash. I have bamboo to chop up for my next craft project, before dashing off to a bowling party for a family member and then into the night to catch up with friends who are visiting.

P.S. this night would also have been perfectly acceptable for any agreeing gentleman. I have the right to vote, they have the right to craft…this should go without saying though I hope!

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