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Wicker Basket Repair Trick

Here is a nifty trick I learnt for picnic baskets. I went to a craft fair and was talking to a lovely couple who own a wicker basket company. The conversation stumbled onto this tip.

I brought this picnic basket second hand and it had no connection between the base and lid. I'd tried to use ribbon to make a hinge but it wasn't an award winning solution. The risk of my sandwiches falling out onto the ground was too high.

I thought I was going to have to sew something together until they suggested to use cat collars or a belt.

MayInspire | Wicker basket repair trick

The back hinge is a cut down cat collar. Super easy and I can now put the champagne in with confidence. I used a large button and ribbon for the front, which hold well now the back is secure.

You might not have a broken picnic basket, but you may have a tricky craft project to solve. So think outside the box. It could give you more time to do lots of other projects!

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