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How To Upcycle Coffee Tables

Are you like me? I plan crazy, over-the-top ideas for something that could be so simple. It is great to learn a new skill but it can often mean that I am adding hours, pounds and effort that is not needed.

This dilemma happened to me when planning a revamp on our coffee tables. My mind pondered ideas like using glass, one penny pieces, aluminium strips or artificial grass. I had some grand plans.

After over elaborating my ideas, I ended up setting my heart on the dip paint look for furniture. I grabbed some silver metallic spray paint and attacked. This is how they turned out:

How To Upcycle Coffee Tables

I used masking tape to make the lines straight. Since I was using spray paint, I needed to cover areas of the coffee table so I wouldn't get speckles of paint all over. To cover these areas I taped on old plastic carrier bags which were going to waste. The bags allowed me to cover around the legs. I did the same thing when spraying the strip of wood across the tables.

They are so simple, Just a metal effect spray paint, some masking tape and a lazy crafternoon. I would say that my lesson is learnt and I will stick to simple projects, but I know that would be a lie :)

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