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eBay Celebrate Pride With A Unicorn Car Upcycle 😍

If you are someone that loves an impulse buy - LOOK AWAY NOW.

eBay are celebrating pride on their website and have included an eye catching unicorn themed upcycle to go along with the website's rainbow takeover in support of Pride In London.

eBay Rainbow Website #eBayPride

Today, when you click on the Celebrate Love & Equality link on the homepage, you are taken to their #eBayPride campaign. This page features inspiring people who support the fight to help homelessness amongst LGBTQ young people. Near the bottom of this page is a Car Evolution section which shows this amazing car upcycle.

eBay Unicorn Car Upcycle

This car is anything but subtle with its fluffy purple seats. It stands out like any magnificent magic unicorn car should. OK, I question if the horn is completely road safe (I would be pretty scared if this horny bugger collided with my car!) but nevertheless it is fabulous and I am impressed with how eBay are supporting such a worthy cause.

It gets better because they gave it wings. Here is the link to a YouTube video by eBayUKofficial showing the super sweet story behind this car and it includes the giant glittery wings. This is the best way to arrive at pride!

How would you theme your car to arrive at Pride events across the world?

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