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How To Make A Bar Sign From Building Bricks

It is shocking how much I fail to feel like a real adult sometimes. I recently made a trip to Wilko for Lego (or at least a good version of Lego). My only defense is that I used these building bricks to create a sign for my home bar.

Lego Sign


To make this sign, get your hands on a Lego base plate. Create your letters from bricks on a flat surface so you can work out the positioning before they are stuck down. Leave a space or two between each letter. The 'two square' building bricks will be your most useful for making complex letters, like an S.

Use different sized building bricks to add layers and corners. You can leave the base plate as it is to make the letters stand out, or colour this in with different coloured building bricks.


The story of this bar name comes from a phrase which has become well-known within my circle of friends. My father in law once said that 'everything fits' while squeezing a chunky armchair into a tiny doorway. Miraculously the armchair did fit, and it is a motto ever since. This motto was reused when we were cramming our home bar into my tiny car. It was a hilarious battle between man and furniture.

With a little dismantling, man won. Since I was the wanting the bar, it was a victorious moment for me. It just felt right to add this motto, along with a little pun fun. I will soon plonk this above our bar with No More Nails.

While on the subject of our bar, I can confirm our drink of the month...

Drum roll please...

lbd drink of the month

It's the lbd lime and watermelon spirit, mixed with lemonade. We gave it the thumbs up after realising it reminded us of Refreshers, the chewy sweet. You can see how much I got through before being able to drag my lips away, to take a photo.

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