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Craft Makes You A Stronger Human Being 💪😘

Call me Popeye because I'm feeling strong! I have only been a craft blogger for a few years, however I have been crafting for as long as I can remember. I never need an excuse to get creative but it turns out it is good for your health too, so craft on crafters!

You may be thinking 'I don't see many crafters going for a run with their sewing kit', so let me go into more detail.

Craft makes you stronger


Neuroscientists investigated if doing cognitive activities are connected to ageing.

...aka people who know their stuff about nerve systems wondered how activities that make you think, are linked to ageing.

Their results showed that craft activities (such as knitting and quilting), reading, games etc. reduce your chances of developing mild cognitive impairment by as much as 50 percent. 50%! That's a good bit of extra life in your brain.


It can be easy to lose all track of time when starting a new project. It's this distraction from worrying thoughts that can be just the ticket needed to ease stress.

Experts have seen a zen-like state which can be reached while painting or sewing. During a talk, Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi said: “When we are involved in [creativity], we feel that we are living more fully than during the rest of life." - Yes. He gets it!


Many crafters find themselves gravitating to other like-minded people. This time spent giggling over a cuppa and craft reduces isolation. That is a win-win situation folks. Isolation is something associated with old age but, believe me, it can hit anyone. Sometime we need others that understand. Others to talk to about our troubles or to talk about anything but our problems.

A big concern to me is the levels of anxiety in the world. It's an ugly hidden problem which eats people up. It makes people paranoid and uncomfortable in social situations. Finding the courage to put yourself out there can be like jumping out of a plane. I have always appreciated craft as a combat for this. It could never cure severe anxiety but I have seen firsthand the benefit of a nonjudgmental bunch of crafters. We are all scared to show others our creativity (or lack of!). From a personal point of view I have always been honest that although I am creative, I have never been an artist. Last week I painted in a room of talented crafters. This is a terrifying idea for me. I painted flowers in a Cath Kitson style and with every paint stroke I put myself down. I was relaxed when painting but petrified when asked to show my handy work. That's when I saw that everyone is just like me. While I was eyeing up their individual styles and criticising my own, they were doing the exact same thing! I really am not too shy to admit that I left that class on a high. I jumped out of that plane. It's not just because my painting went well that I felt so good. They understood where I was pleased with my painting and they understood where I was disappointed. They gave suggestions to help. They gave me support that I couldn't give myself in a closed room. We laughed at our painting concentration faces and when the water spilt over. I truly believe that we are stronger together for health and happiness.


I'm not going to claim that a DIY pro will win an arm wrestle with Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I have used blood sweat and tears while making my house fabulous. The levels we go to, to get a perfect finish are extreme. Sanding furniture, drilling, sawing and pulling out that stupid bloody nail in that stupid bloody pallet. It normally takes more effort because we don't have the right tools, but we are too impatient to go to the shop. I have filed wood with a nail file when my sandpaper ran out. I have hammered with a book when my hammer was with a friend. I have scares in the name of upcycling. We will not be told we can't. We are creative warriors.

You are a strong powerful beast who has the mind and body to concur all creative tasks that you chuck at yourself.

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