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My 6 Unhealthy Obsessions

We all have our soft spots right? Those things that make us react like a kid in a sweet shop. Well, it's no secret that I am obsessed with craft and cocktails so I will be more specific. I have recently noticed that I have 6 obsessions which are taking over my life!

MayInspire 6 Unhealthy Obsessions


I was looking for my keys in my handbag and came across notebooks, five of them. I was then sorting out some paperwork and came across 28 more! I love writing but I'm not sure just how many notes I am expecting to need to make. This may be all down to the fact that I love marking off a list. As mentioned in a previous blog, I take on a lot of projects. By a lot, I mean if I was to complete everything on my To-Do List this week, you would see pigs fly. I have less hope of completing my To-Do List, than I do of inventing time travel. A notebook is therefore key to keeping track of my creative ways.

I'm currently doodling into one that says 'PLANS FOR WORLD DOMINATION'. If I walk past a notebook that says sometime like Flamin'good Notes, it is going straight in my basket. Cute notebooks and doughnuts are things guaranteed to be re-homed by me. Come on, I'm only human, I couldn't leave them on the shelf to wilt away.


OK, OK technically two things. I do find it hard to pick between them.

In the blue corner we have the unicorn. A mythical creature that poops magic and walks on rainbows. In the red corner, we have the flamingo. A bird that far outclasses others such as the pigeon. While sheep go in herds, this animal travels in a Flamboyance of Flamingos. Too stylish to stand on two legs, their pink feathers will amaze you.

Now I come to think of it, I have an obsession for any colourful item. Especially household things. I'm a sucker for something themed. Let's imagine there is a spatula in IKEA. I don't need a spatula so I'd walk away. Now let's imagine this spatula (which I don't need) is quirky. SOLD. Doughnuts, rainbows, cactus, ice cream, ducks, fried eggs, avocado, melons, balloon animals, pineapples...I think I have a problem. I think I don't mind.

MayInspire flamingo cup holder

I didn't need a cup holder that floats but it was in the shape of a flamingo. SOLD.


This is a new obsession for me, but one that is rapidly getting worse. These fast food cups have made drinking water a whole happier experience. Oh look how cute they make water look! You can see my elf themed one in my Christmas day blog (it was Christmas though so it wasn't water!). I keep picking up motivational cups like this 'life is sweet' one in the pictures.

I have now been buying different straws for them. My latest delivery was red and white candy cane looking plastic thick straws. I am aware that buying accessories for a cup is a little extreme. This is why it is on the list! Send help...or just send more designs!

MayInspire doughnut cup holder

I didn't need another cup holder that floats but it was in the shape of a doughnut. SOLD.


This is yet another obsession which has grown because the amazing variety of themed items available. I'm under no illusion that one cocktail stirrer per person is TECHNICALLY enough. However. If you have flamingo or pineapple or cactus designs to pick from, one is no longer enough.

I think I have a medical case of 'bar envy'. Whenever I go on holiday or to a trendy bar, I love (most of!) their fun ways to display my cocktail. I won't even be at the end of drink before I have gone online to buy bar accessories. This is why I started to sell these amazing cocktail accessories. I want the world to enjoy the experience of cocktails as much as I do. I even love to make standard mixers like rum and coke exciting.


This stuff is a crafters dream and I have gone a little mad at collecting it.

Hobbycraft describe it as:

"Originating from Japan, Washi Tape is a low tack, decorative masking tape that can be used to add pattern and colour to almost any project, from creating pretty scrapbook borders to Christmas gift wrapping. Tear it, stick it, reposition it and write on it, there are endless possibilities."

It is a surprise that I haven't done a blog so far including it *adds to To Do list in my notebook*. I am looking around my living room and can see it in loads of projects. I have arty design work on my wall, music washi tape around the edge of a dvd/cd rack I built, on a canvas project and on a pocket letter I'm finishing off. I love love love the stuff.

So tell me, what is your obsession? Do you have a thing about penguins or does your heart skip a beat when you see a certain film mentioned? Let me know in the comments what you love 😍

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