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I hope you all enjoyed reading the interview with James Button. James did the stage and costume design Worst Wedding Ever which is currently showing. If you haven't read the interview, take a look. It's an interesting little insight into the life of a Theatre Designer. I have since had the opportunity to watch the show. Here is my review of Worst Wedding Ever.

Worst Wedding Ever Review


Rachel and Scott are planning their special day. With money tight, they agree on a humble wedding celebration. Unfortunately, the Mother of The Bride has bigger plans. Keen to invite anyone she has ever met, Rachel's mother begins to plan an alternative wedding. She refuses to go unheard. Family secrets and questionable decisions make for a wedding which will go down in family history.

Chris Chibnall play - he also created TVs Broadchurch! This show premiered in 2014 and is back by popular demand.

Worst Wedding Ever Review

Image: Elisabeth Hopper, playing Rachel, the bride-to-be.


I know I am at risk of sounding biased because I enjoyed finding out about James' story. I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed the surprises in this play from the set design. Its design adds humour to scene changes. I refuse to ruin it for you by detailing the who what why and hows. You will be surprised where they can hide a band!

Also, since the play is set in modern life, with costumes to suit this, you often forget you are watching actors. As you get comfortable with this idea, the set adds a touch of theatrical flare. Objects and characters move in a way that wouldn't happen in normal life. I found this hilarious. Was a brilliant comedy aspect.

Worst Wedding Ever Review

Image: Elizabeth Cadwallader, playing Alison, the bride's sister.


The script plays with character traits which most people can be familiar with. I watched this show with one of my sister-in-laws and we both can relate to the characters. Especially Rachel's mother (Julia Hills) and sister (Elizabeth Cadwallader). Although they are nothing like my actual mum and sister, their funny ways are exactly like people I know.

I am impressed with how in love Rachel (Elisabeth Hooper) and Scott (Nav Sidhu) come across. You can be completely convinced that they are a couple who are comfortable in each others arms.

I have to especially highlight the father of the Bride (Derek Frood) character name Mel. I found myself looking forward to his replies and reactions. Wait for his description of chavs with their hoods up!

The band. Oh the band! A prominent part of the performance, play live, they act AND they will make you laugh. More than your average 'wedding band'.

These parts were also played really well to build you into a false sense of comfort around the family. I say false sense of comfort because there are hidden secrets under the face of the family. This leads to an emotional roller coaster. A mix of humour and heart breaking revelations.

Worst Wedding Ever Review

Image: Julia Hills, playing Liz, the bride's mother.


With a title like Worst Wedding Ever, I was expecting a slapstick story. Something like Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em or a Carry On episode. Although I love those shows, modern versions struggle to get the comedy the same so I tend not to enjoy them. Luckily I was wrong. I completely underestimated this show. I would compare it more to There's Something About Mary.


A heart warming story with plenty of laughs. I was even brought to tears by the surprise ending. A perfect mix of comedy, depth, and romance.

I'm getting married in 2019 and I would like to ask the band to pop by, and Liz (bride's mother) to stay as far away as possible :)

Tickets are on sale now. Showing until 25th February 2017 at Salisbury Theatre or catch it elsewhere on its tour.

Thank you to Salisbury Playhouse for the amazing hospitality, as always.

Photo credit: Salisbury Playhouse

Honest review: Salisbury Playhouse gifted me with the opportunity to review this production. This has no influence on my opinions made in this post.

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