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Merry Christmas - I'm Opening Secret Santa Gifts! 🎁😍

It's Chriiiiistmas!

I hope you all have an amazing day planned. Has Santa been kind to you?

Thank you to all of my amazing 6,000+ followers of MayInspire for being so supportive this year. You rock! You're so creative, funny and loving. It means so much that you comment on blogs, tweet and get involved. MayInspire is nothing without you ❤️

I'm topping up my energy level and cocktail glass!

It is so important to me that people have a decent amount of time to relax from everything. Just like you can't drink cocktails from an empty martini glass and also can't find energy when you are drained. This is my excuse and I am sticking to it. Fill up my elf mug!

MayInspire Christmas Craft and Cocktail Blog


I've been involved with two online Secret Santa swaps this year. Both were through Twitter and with like-minded creative obsessed bloggers. It has been so much fun! I thought I'd share with you the gifts I received. This is me opening them up, feeling festive!

MayInspire Christmas Craft and Cocktail Blog


#craftblogclub Secret Santa

This year I've loved being a part of the Tuesday #CraftBlogClub twitter chats so when I saw that they do Secret Santa each year I knew I wanted in. Here is a snap of the gift I sent to Katie from 'Katie Gets Crafty'.

I am so glad she loved everything. Phew :)

And here is the gift that I received from Sam (Twitter @createitsam).

Isn't it fabulous?! 😍 Everything was beautifully wrapped too but I ripped it open before thinking about getting a photo. Opps. I was too keen.

MayInspire Christmas Craft and Cocktail Blog

Included: a gorgeous handmade purse made from faux leather, a shiny notepad, pink tealight candles and a Christmas card.

I have an unhealthy addiction to notepads so as soon as I saw this I grinned from ear to ear. My readers will also know how much I love candles. A house isn't a home without candles! Then with a handmade gift clearly made with love, I was just ecstatic opening this.


I've also been enjoying the #cbloggers Twitter chats on a Tuesday evening getting to know creative bloggers. I had already agreed to #CraftBlogClub but couldn't resist another when #cbloggers announced their first swap.

The postman handed me this awesome gift from Rachel Blackmore (Twitter @RABlackmorex). I managed to not open it for a day but then I was far too excited!

MayInspire Christmas Craft and Cocktail Blog

Rachel wrote me such a sweet letter that I loved! So much thought went into it. The envelope also had a Keep Calm & Love Blogging note and some amazing cocktail flavoured lip balms which have gone straight into my handbag. 😘

Oh and if that wasn't enough, the postman came with more.

MayInspire Christmas Craft and Cocktail Blog

It's a letter from Lauren (Twitter @OhHayStudio) who organised the #CBloggersSecretSanta and a CBloggers 2016 wooden hanging bauble. I was heart-eyed just from the Christmas washi tape! 😍

What is not to love?!

MayInspire Christmas Craft and Cocktail Blog


Thank you so much to Sam and Rachel for not standing me up! That would have been awkward if no gift came haha! As it turns out, two thoughtful gifts arrived. I really appreciate the effort you put in. You super stars!

Also thanks to the organisers of both Secret Santa swaps. It has been fantastic being involved. They both were organised perfectly. Book me in for next year :)

MayInspire Christmas Craft and Cocktail Blog

Enjoy the festivities!

MayInspire Craft and Cocktail Blog

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MayInspire Craft and Cocktail Blog
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