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Handmade Candles - Coca-Cola and Ice Cream Sundae

I have been at it again with the handmade candles.

Last time I made a duck and a castle. Can you work out what I've made this time?

Candle Making coca-cola bottle and sundae ice cream

Coca-Cola Bottle Candle

This was simply made by pouring candle wax into an empty Coca-Cola bottle.

I melted down some old white candles in a heat proof bowl over water that was boiling in a saucepan. If you are like me, you will recognise this method for melting chocolate. To make the colour resemble coke, I added some black crayons into the melting pot.

I used wicks that were already attached to a silver base. I dipped this into the hot melted wax to use as a glue, so the wick would stick to the base of the bottle. I then twisted the top the wick around a lollipop stick which I rested over the rim of the bottle. This stopped the wick from moving from the centre.

As mentioned above, I poured the melted wax into the empty Coca-Cola bottle. I left a space at the top for white wax, once the bottom had set.

When dry, it was just a case of cutting away the plastic bottle. I cut at the area that would have the coke label covering it, so it didn't matter if I left a chip. Once the bottle was removed, I used a knife to clean up the area where the white wax meets the black wax to make it look smoother.

Lesson learnt - don't leave your candle to dry on a window ledge because it will fade. That's what I get for trying to tidy up and move my setting candle to one side. Summary of lesson learnt; leave your mess everywhere ;)

Ice Cream Sundae Candle

This handmade candle makes me hungry!

It's a strawberry ice cream with cream and sprinkles - I didn't realise candle food porn was a thing.

For this candle I used Soy Wax and melted it like above over boiling water. I also stuck the wick in the same way, at the bottom of a ice cream sundae dish.

I added candle dye to make the strawberry ice cream pink and mixed in vanilla scent. This took a lot less time to melt and didn't set as quickly once removed from the heat.

After the strawberry goodness was set on the base on my sundae dish, I melted white soy wax, removed it from the heat and whisked it (yes, with an actually whisk, like normal baking). This made me want to eat candle wax so much! Once the mix was finally holding its own shape, I added it to an icing tube and piped it into the sundae dish. A topping of real sprinkles, and I was done!

My final step

I patiently waited for my partner, Jamie, to return home so I could boast about my candle making skills! He was very kind but I know he would have preferred an actual ice cream sundae.

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