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Batteries Not Included! - Origami Butterflies

I don't have the energy to Adult today!

I feel like this month my energy levels have been stupidly low. Although I've been in a positive mood, it feels like life is laughing at me saying; "haha I gave you life, but batteries aren't included". My energy supply is needing an insane amount of battery power."

It's times like this that I put the sugar in the fridge when making tea, or go to get food out of the oven and realise I didn't turn it on. Doh, true stories.

So low energy means wanting easy craft that I can do while sat on my arse, eating chocolate covered raisins, while watching James Corden doing Carpool Karaoke. When tired, this is actually extreme multi-tasking for me!

Origami Butterflies

So I've been making origami butterflies.

The brilliant thing about origami is that it looks soooo hard. And I'm OK with that because it makes me feel like a paper folding genius. It's easier than knitting; shh don't let that secret out!

Origami Butterflies

I have been making paper from random paper, napkins or junk mail which has come through our door. A beautiful way to tackle waste paper!

For your first time, try these with paper as the folds will be easier, but with the square trick you really can make these from most flat material.

Origami Butterflies

So here is how it is done...

You will need square paper so if you don't have any (which I didn't), use this handy trick to quickly make your own square paper.

The hardest part is the second to last fold along the back. The thicker your paper, the less flexible the paper will be so it might be impossible with a thick piece of card, but just like flying to the moon, it can be done. Anything I can do, you can do better, you can do anything better than me ;) that's the song right?

Now flutter off and make some lovely butterflies.

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