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Chopstick Challenge - Collab with Zen at Hapiness Wherever

I'm excited to share with you my latest craftiness because I have teamed up with Zen from 'Hapiness Wherever' to take on the Chopstick Challenge. It's a challenge that puts our creativity to the test!

We were tasked with making something from chopsticks and we had no idea what creative mischief the other person was up to.

Chopstick challenge - craft diy challenge title

Here is a link to her creation, a clever and gorgeous toilet roll holder. I also have to applaud her because I love love love when people make things which they need anyway! That’s the hippy in me :)

I came up with quite a few ideas including a fan, a picture frame, a placemat, hair clip, and tealight holder. All of these ideas would be fab, and I started to make a fan but I wasn't falling in love with this project so decide on something quite different...

Chopstick Upcycle DIY

Final decision

I stuck on something to bring light into my home. I grabbed a plant, my trusty glue gun, a spray can and made this...

Chopstick Upcycle DIY

I had been looking for ways to style my home, so this has worked perfectly.

Chopstick Challenge - Chopstick Upcycle DIY - by Gemma McKenzie at MayInspire

Now I just need to keep the plant alive! :)

Chopstick Challenge - Chopstick Upcycle DIY - by Gemma McKenzie at MayInspire

Once I've cleared the craft bits and bobs from my dining tables, this will be a lovely pop of colour in the middle.

And this DIY is so easy, you will still have the energy to take a stupid selfie!

Gemma McKenzie


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