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Southampton Bloggers

Sometimes my faith in us humans is restored, and dare I say faith in females...girls can be bloody horrible to each other with some pointless, hardcore, judgemental shit. Just stop. Be nice. OK , I could clearly rant about this for point is I had a lovely day meeting nice humans.

This was my first ever blog meetup. I was freaking out. Let's face it; I'm not the most normal human. I tell bad jokes and laugh at everything (even my own bad jokes)! These were people in my hometown. I'll have to move ;)

To my utter relief they were all super nice. Honestly, all of them. There wasn't even that one person that you're like, erm yea, you're a bitch, how about we play hide and seek and I'll forget to look for you.

Check out this sexy bunch of Southampton bloggers. They're talented, beautiful and lovely - not fair right ;)

Southampton Bloggers

It's clear that this photo is the opening of some pretty epic TV can it not be? follow @sotonbloggers to not miss an episode ;)

I started the night with my favourite booster, the one and only Espresso Martini.

espresso martini

Oh and to top it off, we had freakshakes from Orange Rooms...for the win!

This is just before I made a mess with my vanilla doughnut freakshake. Yep that's an actual doughnut on my drink, with cream. And the other shakes there are chocolate muffin. Shame about the paper straws (seriously, how pointless are paper straws to the world?!). Though I am guilty of having loads at my bar at home because they're cute af so all is forgiven.

MayInspire craft and cocktail blog

I spoke to beauty bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, vloggers, artistic bloggers, family bloggers, gamers and a web developer. There was so much to talk about and it was great getting to know their blogs, their interests, their dislikes haha. It was just a relaxed awesome time.

It was refreshing to be around people that wanted to take pictures of their food. Food photo taking gets a bad name, but if I'm going to remember this edible moment, my terrible memory needs a reminder.

I'm so glad I plucked up the courage to go, and I hope to see everyone of these lovely people again!

This is starting to sound like a 'sucking up' blog and you know that's not my style so...they were cool, it was cool, peace up, atown down :)

MayInspire craft and cocktail blog

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