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Bonus Blog - You lucky little devils!

So August has been and gone (as I keep being told!) and I want to reminisce. If you want to learn a bit more about the me then this post is right up your street! I am doing the equivalent of giving you my phone and sending you to my photo album! I suppose I best explain the weird and wacky things your eyes are about to witness!

Let's go backwards, starting with Saturday.

Southampton Bloggers

I had the pleasure of meeting this gorgeous bunch of Southampton bloggers on Saturday. We met at the Orange Rooms and had freakshakes. I had a bloody great time so did a blog about it. Read that bad boy by clicking here.

Before this, there was just enough time to do some card making with the lovely Sarah, Krafti Designs. She is so fabulous at what she does. She's shown me that handmade cards don't have to be boring. These are two she made recently. The snow globe is my favourite because you can shake the glitter snow around. I'm easily pleased, but I don't trust anyone that isn't a little bit impressed with this. I'd be over the moon is someone made me these cards.

card making

Recently I also found myself getting back into the art of paper folding. I'm not just talking paper aeroplanes though, no, this is the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. I made the traditional Crane and a set of three different sized fishes. I did this at the Art House in Southampton where they meet every month so come along if you are in the area. Don't worry if you are not in the area, I'm obsessing over origami so you can learn from me :)


I also saw this hilarious human recently:

Michael Mcintyre

He was in a tiny theatre in Winchester testing out jokes for a BBC show which he has in November. I cried with laughter. I was so close I felt like I could touch him, so I know he could see me doing the terrible face I do when I'm trying to chill my laughing out. This man knows how to do funny :)

Southampton Pride

I can't forget to add this brilliant event in. I was so impressed and had a lot of fun. I started to explain my mass fun here but it took up too much space, so I did a separate blog. Check out Southampton Pride 2016 from my eyes.

Southampton Pride

I've also used the excuse of vitamin D to get out and about.

I did the Southampton Zebra walk which has an app so it's a bit like Pokemon Go but with zebras. There are some smart looking catches.

Southampton zebra walk

Southampton zebra walk

Oh and I did my headbands, which you will remember because I shared it with you lovely lot. It was lovely being a little natural princess for the day.

handmade headbands

I went to the beach...


Obviously I built a sandcastle!

beach sand castle

And did the kiddy coin machines.

Talking of kids, we even went on the merry go round. No kids, just 4 happy adults on the merry go round. haha!

Me and the Mr have also been visiting the place where we are getting married. I only got a picture of this card for some reasons, but it even looks gorgeous in print.

The rest of my pictures are all of future blogs, so I can't be sharing these with you and spoiling the surprise. Here is a snippet of one, can you work out what these are?

Talking of blogging. I've been taking this all very seriously lately. I have colour coded stickers and everything.


I guess there is this terrible last one from when I went to see Finding Nemo. This was such a sweet movie. Ellen Degeneres did a great job. Let's not talk about this photo.

Finding Nemo

I need to dash now, so that's your lot.

If you liked this more personal approach, do let me know. If you feel damaged by my Finding Nemo photo, please also let me know and I can lay off the personal and stick to the damn amazing craft haha :)

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