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DIY Tape Measure Bows

Learn how to make your own bows from measuring tape. I did a vlog about this too if you would prefer to watch how it's done. I give a few more tips on the vlog. Or do both: have your cake and eat it!

DIY Tape Measure Bows

You can use these bows for gift wrapping, card making, decorating photo frames, furniture or just scatter on a table for decoration. OR spruce up old shoes, like the Irregular Choice shoes below.

As I explain on YouTube, you can use a glue gun or sew this together. I'll run through the glue gun way here, but replace 'stick together etc...' with 'sew together' and you will have the same damn cuteness. Pick whatever suits you best.

How to make bows from a tape measure

You will need:

x1 plastic tape measure (obviously!)

a glue gun

x1 button


You will be able to make two bows with one tape measure - bargain!

1. Make the loops

First you need to cut three 6 inch strips from the tape measure. Take one of these strips first, fold it in at 3 inches (the middle) and stick it down. Do the same with the other side and boom you have two loops. Repeat this on the remaining two strips.

2. Create the flicked ends

Cut a 3.5 inch strip. Fold and stick this down 3 inches, just like above. The small piece at the end of this will be used to stick your flicked ends onto. To create your flicked ends, cut two 1.5 inch strips. Cut a triangle shape into the end of these strips. Stick these 1.5 strips onto your 3.5 strip from just now. Place them in a V angle.

3. Stick the loops and ends together

Position the loops and flicked ends on top of each other, to create your bow shape. Use the loop with the flicked edges on the bottom and stack the rest on top. Stick each layer down with your glue gun.

4. Decorate with a button

Pick out your cutest button and use dab from your glue gun to stick it in the centre of your bow. You can also use gems, jewels or ribbon here.

5. Tidy the back

If it matter how the back looks like for your project, then you can neaten this up by cutting a tiny strip of measuring tape to cover anything untidy at the back. Before sticking this down, tuck in both sides of this strip to give it smooth edges.

And there you have it, your own bows that look super creative.

If you need more info, here is the YouTube vlog I did:

So how would you use your bows? Tweet a picture of your finished result @MayInspire


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