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Oh The Summer Is Looking Soooo Good!

It's that time of year that I want to get outside, have picnics and eat ice cream, lots of ice cream!

I'm a craft addict and blogger so it's bloody hard to pull myself away and enjoy the sunshine. My creativity has been extended to finding ways to get my fix outside rather than just reading on Facebook about everyone else enjoying BBQs and sunbathing! This is how I've been avoiding the FOMO (feeling of missing out), not to mention stocking up on needed vitamin D.

Sunshine here I come!

Outdoor craft. Head band using natural plants and branches

Wednesday evening the sun was still tempting me out so I decided to walk through a gorgeous field near my home and make a hippy'tastic headband. I used only what I could find on my walk so no need to string or glue. I was on the forage for vines and flowers to make my well deserved crown ;)

What it takes to be a forest princess:

This is how to make your own headband with the help of mother nature.

1. Make the base:

You will want one or two long vines from trees to make the base. Lightly bend vines to test if they are up for the job. If they have the sufficient bend of an Olympic gymnast, keep that in your grasp. Then collect vines that will act as your natural string. The type that entwines itself around trees. It may have evergreen along them that can be removed,

Outdoor craft. Head band using natural plants and branches

That's how the start of your headband will look. Bend the thicker vine into a circle (let it overlap), check it suits your head size and wrap your natural string around the overlap to secure it. Vines are impressively strong so lay your trust in them. You'll also wrap around more shrubbery so you will have no risk of it flinging off your head into the face of an unexpected stranger like a vicious flower attack. Wow can you imagine!

Outdoor craft. Head band using natural plants and branches

2. Build it up with evergreen

Collect leaves, looking for those still connected to thin and winding branches. Wind these around. There will be small gaps that you can tuck the ends into and you can use your natural string if needed.

3. Add flowers

Once you are done building that up, you can then add the pretty. Find flowers with a little stem that can be entwined. I built this up in the same spot that I joint the base. You are able to control the angle of the flowers the more you add, as it holds it together.

4. Wear it proudly

The shrubbery that I used was a little dry because of the heat so it looked best on the day I made it and shrivelled up a little by the next day. It's so quick to make so you could make a fresh one whenever you like.

It surely goes without saying to respect your woodland. Embrace it but don't screw it up for others to enjoy, including wildlife.

I looked a little odd that evening!

I wasn't just any walker in the field though (oh wow, I could be taking this anywhere! Worry not! I was doing something unusual but it was not seedy haha!) I took with me some bits for my next project so I could do a photoshoot. I was amongst runners and dog walkers as I laid down my material and snapped away. Keep an eye out for that blog and think of me soaking up the sun.

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