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Why You Will Love Wickham

It is lovely to visit other areas, have a look around and have a cheeky shop.

My interest is massively in buying bits and bobs for our home.

We recently visited Wickham, a gorgeous village in Hampshire. I was there targeting an antique shop called Chesapeake Mill. It is a neverending* maze of goodness. I am such a preacher for antique shops like this one where suppliers come together in one building, selling a whole mix of items.

*Chesapeake Mill does eventually end, and when it does you may be a little sad.

We had a lovely look around. We didn't buy anything this time, but we will be back time and time again.

In the area we also came across an adorable little shop called J'adore La Maison. It's a small but mighty place full of items to make you repeat 'Oh I like that' like it's going out of fashion. Click the photos below to see more.

As you know, I have an obsession with candles, so I walked away with these pineapple candles and a heart shaped Home Sweet Home engraved stone for home.

This shop also made me reconsider our door handles at home...

We ended the day in a beautiful suntrapped pub eating sweets from a traditional sweet shop. You can see the apple tree we sat under in my picture above. Life is bliss!

(I'd eaten quite a few before I thought about taking a picture)

Hopefully I may inspire you to visit your local area. Some are rather spiffing.

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