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Going To A Festival?

This is my little tip for saving the pennies when enjoying cocktails at festivals. I have been reaping the rewards of this for many years.

Most long festivals will allow you to bring your own drinks in, as long as they're not in glass bottles. Originally I took ciders with me, which isn't the worst since I am a cider drinker, but cocktails were missed and the prices of my lovely mixed drinks at the festivals sometimes put me off.

That's why I decided to mix my own cocktails to take with me.

Sex On Beach is wonderful but it doesn't like being stored up. When mixing your own concoction, leave out the coke, lemonade, orange juice or what not. Stick to the spirits.

Here is a small snippet of what I'm taking with me to my next festival.

MayInspire Festival Cocktail

It's a basic mix of 40% Spiced Rum, 40% Disaronno and 20% Peach Snaps. This means I only need to buy cokes while I'm there (and crepes!). I'm testing it out in advance tonight, so I'm sorry, not sorry, for any typos!

If everything in your mix is alcoholic like mine, then make sure you take into consideration how stupidly strong your drink is - no need to make it a triple!

This will definitely save you money if, unlike me, you don't spend the saved cash on crepes and doughnuts. Each to their own :)

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