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Not Good In The Hood

Would you prefer to get soaked or be unable to see where you are walking?

None! How does my rain mac expect me to flaunt it fabulously with these options to pick from? A hood hack was needed and craft was the only way forward to solve this terrible issue.

It was time to dismantle a fascinator.

It doesn't make me proud to admit it, but I ripped those feathers off and I made that facinator bold.

Underneath was a felt base which I trimmed down. It was also too wonky for my needs so I carefully unattached it from the band. I used super glue to stick this felt to the inside of my rain mac hood. Once dry, I laid the smaller bits of felt over the head band (making sure the band was in the right place to sit comfortably on my noggin) and use my glue gun to fix them to the larger piece of felt. And that's it, I was done, faster than you can say 'pass me that facinator I got for that wedding six years ago. I've got feathers to pluck'.

I now have a hair piece hood that will stay put in anything the weather wants to throw at me! It also withstands head bobbing so I'm ready to take on my next festival in this magical DIY hack.

Have you got any wardrobe disasters that you've fixed? Or need a genius like me to help you with a fashion fix ;) - Tweet them to me! @MayInspire

Stay wonderful, you beautiful bunch of humans.

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