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Play With Your Food!

I am an advocate of playing with your food! I don't care if you are making your mash potato and sausages into a fort, or spelling out naughty words with your alphabet is all wonderful in my books!

Here is a playful food project with a sweet twist.

I have been looking forward to sharing these with you. They not only look adorable, but they also taste delish! I emptied a bunch of sweets into bowls and just cracked on with having some sweet fun.

Rudolf Pretzels

Made from mini pretzels*, a brown Smartie, and icing sugar (in tubes, for decorating).

I stuck the Smartie on with a dab of icing sugar. The eyes and red nose were also from icing sugar.

Christmas Hats

Red and white icing sugar on pretzels.

I dusted over icing sugar powder to look a little like snow.

Christmas Tree

Yellow Smartie and green, yellow & black icing sugar.

I tried adding other coloured icing sugar to look like tinsel. It made them taste fab, but they looked messy. To make them easier to eat, I didn't stick them together.

*My pretzels came from a shop that rhymes with BAZ-DA :) They came in mini packs.

If this isn't a good enough excuse to play with your food, then I don't know what it! :)

I would love to see what you create, be it pretzel characters or mash potato forts. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest and tag Mayinspire in!

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