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Creepy Chemical Cocktails

I've recently found a new love for this yearly celebration where things go bump in the night. You are freely granted to get your actual freak on, and I have a freaky feeling that you will enjoy it.

It's time to grab some safety goggles and experiment with your inner

mad scientist. Halloween is the perfect time to create drinks that spook.

This is my marvellous madness...

Blood reds and gruesome greens are ideal for potions fit for the boogeyman. Many recipes scream for complex concoctions but this does not need to haunt your bank balance.

At its very basic you can create this mystical display with two ingredients, old bottles, fake cobweb and a handsomely horrifying accessory.


If you want a simple mix then pick a bright coloured shot and add lemonade. I did Mikey Finn Apple with lemonade. If shots aren't your thing, pick a spirt and add a bright coloured mixer. I went with a Monster energy drink mixed with Old J spiced rum.

Grenadine, a red syrup, is possibly my favourite cocktail addition. I made a basic 'vodka & lemonade' drink and did a dash of this beauty to give the effect of blood running through.

It's also wicked from syringes too...

I got this from a supermarket chemist for £1 without the needle.

For the rest of my potions I made the mixing up part of the party. I had a table of shocking colours and other mixers. I created drinks that could be built onto (i.e. Vodka and lemonade, with lots of ice) then colours and tastes were added. It was a great way to finish off bottles, and the colours made it into a trick or treat game - how will it taste?

The Skull was adapted into a shot holder. His eyes were staring at me from The Range for a mere £3.49 and I knew he could be my test tube holder. Made from polystyrene it was simply a case of filling up my shots and pushing them into the skull. Easy, striking, perfect! I'll be taking this dude as an alternative to 'bringing a bottle'. FYI his eyes glow horrifying colours too!

So that's my Halloween antics. I hope you can still sleep tonight after seeing them ;)

Remember to tweet me your costumes and decorations @mayinspire!

Bye for now,


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