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Easy Peasy Pumpkin Party Glasses

Even Frankenstein could do this craft project!

Quick! Halloween is creeping up on us. Grab some drinking glasses; I have an alternative to pumpkin carving to share with you.

Punkin Glasses Easy Craft

Yes, you have guessed it right. That is simply black duct tape on glasses.

Orange coloured drinks are essential if you want pumpkins but this is an easy challenge. I mixed orange juice with champagne personally.

I give myself horrific amounts of craft projects to complete, so I often need something catered for the 'leave it to the last minute' kind of maker. That is why it is reassuring to know this little treat to help make your home ready for Halloween.

Tips: Your duct tape and scissors will fall in love and soon as you try to cut the tape. To prevent this, cut off the strip of tape you want to shape, and stick a corner to the roll of tape. You can then pull the tape a little as you cut.

Also, make sure the tape is fully stuck down before you put any ice or drink in. Condensation on the glass will make this impossible afterwards. I had this problem with a mouth I'd cut out. It had loads of corners as teeth and one 'tooth' was missed.

Get the kids involved by using 'glasses' that are made from plastic. Let them draw their shapes on the tape and once you've stuck them down, add orange juice. You could also use black card and double sided tape (from your nearest £1 store). It won't stay as long, but can save you cutting up tape for loads of kiddiewinkles.

Make monsters by using different coloured juice.

Purple Monster Glass
Green Monster Glass

I'd love to see what you make! Tweet me your photos @mayinspire please and thank you :)

Keep an eye out for my spooky science cocktail mixes this week too.

Bye for now crafters,


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