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I HATE Craft. Hear me out...

There is something about the C-word!​

Is it just me that has a love hate relationship with the word craft? In fact, it is a general concern for most words used to explain the notion of making things using your creativity. These words are what the white crayon is to a white page. They are so lifeless for something fun and addictive. Extreme Windsurfing, now that is a hobby that has an appropriate name. Which uncreative creator decided on CRAFT to be the popular word for my favourite hobby...& the winner of the most uncool word goes to crappy Craft.

If you are a regular craft'aholic, and you are shameless at expressing this, then you are much like myself. If this is the case, I am sure you will understand that there is no hip-to-the-hop way of saying that you got down to some serious craft on the weekend. This makes me sad because my hobby is awesome, so I want a equally awesome word to describe it.

Running in second place in this List of Crap Craft Words is upcycle. It is becoming a buzz word, so it may disappear from this list one day. But for now, I am forced to avoid using this word when explaining my weekend plans.

Where is the love? It may be hard to believe that I can be happy with any words. Well, you will have to believe it baby because I am a lover of the English language.

Designer and Artist are words to be proud of. The only trouble is that it takes a brave upcycler to self-name themselves an artist. Perhaps I could go more with Heart'ist; it's all about artistic flare from the heart.

Here are some crafter titles that are more fun:

  1. Heart'ist

  2. Glee'cycler

  3. Creative Genius

  4. Arts & Dafter

  5. The Rock Star of Reusing

  6. Junk Magician

  7. Creative Instigator

  8. Mess Manufacturer

  9. Repurposing Ninja

  10. Rehomer of Discarded Objects

If All Else Fails I was curious how other languages translate the word Craft so I found out* and here are my favourites:

*I have trusted Google for the translations listed in this article. My French teacher always told me not to trust Google. I am sorry if she was right, and I have actually listed the word butthole in another language.

  1. Zeje [Albanian]

  • It's also a Czech word which translates as 'that is'. Zeje, I think it has a swing to it, that is all. Pronounced a little like Zee-yea!

  1. Remeslo [Slovask (řemeslo - Czech)]

  • It's kind of pronounced Rem-mess-low. An appropriately messy word.

  1. Amatas [Lithuanian]

  • Let's sprinkle some razzamatazz to craft.

  1. Hajó [Hungarian]

  • Pronounced slightly like How Are You. It also means ship so even the word gets reused and upcycled.

  1. Hila [Swahili]

  • It's a healer!

Rant over, for now :)

May I inspire you to be a creative genius.

Bye for now, Gemma

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