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Rubber Duckies

Rubber ducky you're the one, you make bathtime lots of fun! Sing along: Sesame Street - Rubber Ducky Song

Hello all, I hope you are well.

Things have been a little quackers around here lately, so I thought I'd waddle over to my blog and let you into the fun.

This morning I was lucky enough to drag the Mr into a few charity shops on our stroll past. I happened to notice the sweetest little family of rubber ducks looking up at me. They had a price tag of only 75p which screamed 'rehome us!', so that is what I did.

Random purchases are my favourite (and my other half's nightmare). They really get your noggin working, searching for a creative way to use them. It's not always resolved quickly, but this time I was in duck luck.

It is my great honour to introduce these little rubber duckies to you. I'm not sure I will find a cuter necklace anytime soon. The big question is (and there is no safer way to phrase this, sorry) from the bum or from the head? I like the first one, and I'm not sure what that says about me!

I used all four babies to make necklaces and just had their mummy duck to play with.

For a while now I have been wanting to stop my phone from leaping from my bedside table over night. Its ninja skills are impressive but do need controlling.

It now has a bed which I am somewhat jealous of.

Well I suppose it's time for me to shake a tail feather. First though, here are some ducks that have been hanging out in our bathroom for a while now.

Thought of the blog; I MayInspire you to tell more animal puns; because they quack me up!

With love,


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