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If you are after quick craft entertainment for attendees, while they mooch around stalls, then this is the perfect option.



  • Brighten up your own postcards (supplies to make 150):

    • We provide personalised postcards which can be painted, or coloured in. The designs will be themed to your event. For example, it might have the slogan “Hello from Southampton” in a colouring book style. These will be designed in way to encourage both adults and children to decorate their own postcard and send it to their loved ones all over the world.

  • Design your own Canvas Bag (supplies to make 30): 

    • Attendees can stamp, paint, stencil and glue their own canvas bag using a selectin of colourful craft supplies.

  • The pebble project (supplies to make 100):

    • Attendees can paint their own pebble and are given the option to add it to a communal area garden (if you have one) or take it home.

  • Make your own badge (supplies to make 100):

    • We will bring lots of fun templates which can be created into badges, or attendees can draw their own. They get to help make the badge using a badge machine, and our help. We also have teenager designs (e.g. “good vibes only”), and adult designs (e.g. Bake Off themed) so that every feels included at this craft table.

  • Collage making (supplies to make 100):

    • Attendees will be drawn to the inspiring table of colour, where they can create their own picture. We can suggest that people theme their collage, for example “what community means to you”. They can then be taken home or displayed in a communal area for a few weeks.

We will also bring:

  • Lots of examples and inspiration to keep creative juices flowing

  • Crafty supplies full of colour

  • Gem & Sue to walk attendees through their project and help with anything needed

  • Everything needed for this creative workshop (we may request water for paint pots!)

Your attendees with leave with their own craft and fond memories from your event.


We design these Pop-up stalls to be enjoyed by all ages. From children to daddies - we can inspire all your attendees to get creative

Pop-up Stall Package


£200 for the package


This workshop is

2 hours

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