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So the journey begins. Are you with me?

Oh look, I've only gone and started a blog.

I was asked by a few people to share my crafting adventures so, in the interest of not letting the planet down, here it is. I hereby cut the red ribbon, granting you access into my world.

MayInspire craft & home decor

I learnt at an early age that I have the 'I could make that' bug. I have made a fair percentage of the things in our home so I might as well share this knowledge. I have learnt to look differently at objects, and I learn skills from wonderful people I meet. I am always creating things so sometimes it works and sometimes, well, it's a mess that was pretty fun to make.

MayInspire craft & furniture

So hang onto your hard hats and grab a glue gun; we're going into this together. I'm not sure where it will take us but I am confident that it will be a blast.

MayInspire - Craft & Cocktail Blog

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MayInspire - Craft & Cocktail Blog

MayInspire - Craft & Cocktail Blog

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