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Join The Use It Or Lose It Challenge

Welcome back creative,

We are launching the Use It Or Lose It Challenge running until 27th July 2024. This 8-week challenge is your chance to finally use those supplies you've been hoarding - why do we do it?! Take it as an opportunity to boost your creativity and declutter.

I love doing this because it gives you a focus. It can be difficult to tackle everything. This takes on just three items or less. 8 weeks sounds like a long time, but it flies by. You end the time feeling like you are moving forward on clearing out old supplies...and most importantly, tackling those creative projects which you keep putting off.

Get Involved

1. Pick Your Supplies: Select 1 to 3 items from your arts and crafts stash that have been sitting unused. It could be a set of paints, a bundle of yarn, or any other supplies you’ve been saving.

2. Get Creative: Use your selected supplies to create something. Whether it’s a picture, a handmade gift or trying out a new skill, the goal is to make use of what you have.

3. Share Your Progress: Post your work on Instagram (or any other social media platform) using the hashtag #useitorloseit. This helps you motivated and inspire others. Feel free to use the graphic.

4. Meet the Deadline: Use your supplies by 27th July 2024. If you haven’t used them by then, it’s time to let them go. Donate them to a charity, give them to a friend, sell them, or dispose of them.

Why Join the Use It Or Lose It Challenge?

- Declutter and Organise: Clear out your space and get rid of supplies that are just taking up room.

- Boost Your Creativity: Push yourself to try new projects and use materials you’ve been neglecting.

- Connect with a Community: Share your progress and see what others are making. The hashtag #useitorloseit will connect you with fellow creators.

- Give Back: If you don’t use your supplies, donating them can help others on their creative journey. Charity shops, schools and hospitals are always great places to donate to.

Arts and Craft Teachers

This challenge is perfect for arts and craft teachers too. It’s great content for your social media, showing what you can do with unused materials. Plus, it’s an excellent way to upcycle supplies for future workshops or to develop your skills outside the workshops. Whether you use this challenge as a personal project or a way to engage with your audience, it’s a win-win.

Tips for Success

- Set a Schedule: Dedicate specific times each week to work on your projects to stay on track.

- Stay Accountable: Share your goals and progress with friends or fellow creatives for extra motivation.

- Think Outside the Box: Combine different supplies and try new techniques.

We are looking forward to seeing what you create. Join us in making the most of your supplies, connecting with other creators, and perhaps even finding new inspiration along the way. Use the hashtag #useitorloseit and let’s get started!


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