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We have created this policy to ensure a fair process for all. In all situations, please email as soon as possible so we can work with you and accommodate the best outcome.


To be able to process a refund, we must receive an email to This email must be from the email address which made the booking. We will require your bank details to be able to transfer this refund. Refund amounts are determined based on when we receive your email, as listed below.


72 hours after booking - 100% refund

14 days before the workshop - 50% refund

13 days or less before the workshop - 0% refund



  1. If you are unable to attend the event, we welcome a substitute attendee in your place at no additional cost.

  2. Please email as soon as possible. This email should include the first name of the person who will now be attending. For security reasons, all requests for substitutions must be sent by email using the email address given during booking.

  3. If the original booker would like the substitute to pay their ticket costs, it is their responsibly to organised this transfer. To clarify, Mayinspire will not issue a refund or take payment from the substitute.



Mayinspire reserve the right to modify and/or cancel events at any time. This could be due to, though is not limited to, safety concerns, unforeseen circumstances, adverse weather conditions and changes to the venue.


If circumstances cause Mayinspire to cancel an event, all attendees will be informed as soon as possible via the email address which was supplied during booking and a refund will be provided. On craft courses which are across multiple dates or times, a prorated refund will be issued. To be able to process a refund, Mayinspire will require your bank details in an email from the email address you entered on the booking form. The email must be sent to



  1. All tickets must be purchased via

  2. To reserve a place at a workshop, payment must be received in full, before the event.  

  3. Mayinspire holds no responsibly for reservations which were not completed via the website. This includes, but is not limited to tickets reserved via our venue partners, email or social media posts. We will make every effort to add these tickets reservations to our records however we strongly advise that all tickets are purchased on prior to the event.

  4. If full and cleared payment has not been received prior to the event you will be asked to make payment on the day. Access to the event may be refused at the discretion of Mayinspire.

  5. You will receive a confirmation via email within 24 hours of receipt of payment confirming your registration.

  6. In all situations above, Mayinspire accepts no responsibility for covering travel, hotel or other costs incurred by attendees and guests.



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