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...because every event is different

Here are some of our most common set ups to give you an idea of how we can work with your event.

CRAFT BUFFET - Don't eat the glitter!

We run a workshop teaching a single craft. This might be dream catchers, painting, wreath making or 3D Pictures etc. (we have a long list!). All craft goodies are in the middle of the table and everyone can pick what they put on their craft - hence the buffet.

Both Sue and Gem attend these events to teach the craft, and help with any questions. Your guests are inspired to get creative and create something unique to them. This is great for getting groups comfortable and talking with each other.

The crafts which work for these sessions tend to be £9 - £25 per person (depending on the craft). We don't charge anything extra for travel to your venue or our 2/3 hours of time.

Fun for groups such as:

> Hen parties

> Care homes or residential homes

> Team building and large groups

CRAFT MENU - Take your pick
For these groups, we create a menu of crafts (normally 5) which specifies the difficulty of the craft and how long it will take them to complete. We also bring examples of the finished craft projects. Your guests can pick any craft from the menu and we will teach them how to make it. Each craft comes as a kit which will replicate the craft project they are making. We will also supply all the toold and help needed to complete the craft. We don't charge anything extra for travel to your venue or our 2 hours of time. Menu options tend to range from £3 to £10, but we can create a menu based on your attendees and their budget.


Normally attendees will pre-book their craft for this event, and pay their own contribution. If you would like to prepay for attendees, we can create a set-price menu, or invoice after the event (Deposit will be required).

Fun for groups such as:

> Venue owners looking for entertainment

Pop up craft

This option is perfect if you need a craft which will act as quick entertainment for your guests. We can create craft events which will take anything from 2 minutes to 20 minutes to complete. 

We are 

Fun for events such as:

> Festivals

> Craft fairs

> Weddings

Hosting - We have been running craft groups for many years and have been hands on with most craft projects (we live and breathe it!). We normally charge £50 for two crafters (Gem and Sue) to host your group or party using your supplies for 2 hours. Additional hours are £15. This includes prep for teaching your audience, travel costs and a pre-event meeting to help you plan your event. We can lower this to £30 for two hours for this cause.

We can meet with you to discuss the many options. Here are some example of craft workshops you could be enjoying:

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