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20 Minute Time Slots

1. Pick your craft workshop from below

2. Tell us about your plans: Enquiry Form

3. The fun bit - your crafty day. We bring everything needed, so relax and enjoy the creative workshop

Perfect for:

  • Craft Fairs

  • Community Festivals

  • Themed Festivals

These workshops are designed to be no longer than 20 minutes long. Perfect when you want your attendees to get hands on with a craft, but you need to fit a lot of people in. Parts of this craft may have been completed by Mayinspire before attending, to speed up the project.

Attendees book into a timeslot on the day (informal process, we promise). This gets them a seat at the craft table to create a 3D picture of their own. The table will be full of creative supplies to make their eyes light up. Their 3D picture on canvas could be a button picture, pebble picture, scrabble picture, collage or a mixture of them all. If we had 5 people per slot, then we could supply this for £160. We will be there to give them ideas, show them examples and help them to create a project that they can be proud of.

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