Dream Catchers

About this craft:

Dream catchers are a traditional craft which symbolise protection, love and peace. The perfect boho home decoration, this craft is ideal for new born gifts, weddings and new homes.

Legend has it that dream catchers will lock bad dreams floating in the night air into their webbing and allow the good dreams to fall through the centre. When the sun rises, the bad dreams which are trapped will disappear, bringing peace and a good night sleep. Dream catchers have been used to relieve anxiety at bedtime, protect loved ones and bring good omens for young children. Dream catchers represent good luck.

Dream catchers were created by Native Americans, the Ojibwe and Lakota tribes. The Native American Spider Grandmother (Asibikaashi) is known as the earth goddess who takes care of children and people of the land. As the Ojibwe Nation grew, the Spider Grandmother was unable to reach all children. This inspired the mothers and grandmothers of the tribe to weave webs to protect their children. Originally made using wooden hoops, webs would be woven inside. They would then include sacred feathers, beads and charms which are hung down from the hoop. This is why traditionally dream catchers are often hung over a cradle as protection.

We will walk you through, step by step, how to create your very own dreamcatcher. Learn the tricks and tips for creating dream catchers time and time again. You will be able to pick from bundles of feathers, beads and hippy-tastic string.

You will:

    • Learn how to make your own dream catchers
    • Personalise to your style or to match your home/ nursery
    • Add colourful accessories including beads, charms, feathers and ribbon
    • Learn the history of Dream Catchers (the interesting parts, we promise!)

We will also bring:

  • Lots of examples to keep your creative juices flowing

  • Inspiration from incredible artists

  • Lots of crafty supplies full of colour

  • Gem & Sue to walk you through and help with anything you need

  • Everything you need for this creative workshop