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We specialise in workshops for adults. We are known for our relaxed, non-judgemental approach.

We aim to make your experience with us stress-free, creative and super fun. See below for information about our services. If you would like more details, pop us a message using the Enquiry Form. We are also more than happy to meet and talk craft. You can meet us at a local cafe or business address and start to plan out the perfect craft entertainment for your event.


Craft is a funny little thing because it can adapt to most settings. Some events have mixed levels of craft experience (like hen parties and corporate events) while others have craft enthusiasts. We are passionate about making craft available for all. It has amazing benefits, it doesn't exclude disabilities or diversities and it doesn't have to scare off people that don't feel creative. Our workshops are designed for adults (18+) because we believe in giving adults a place to be creative. For events where there will be a mix of ages, we adapt our craft projects to be fun for all the family.


You can hold your craft event wherever you feel comfortable. From kitchen tables to festivals, we adapt. We've worked with many venues in Hampshire, and are more than happy to contact a venue if you feel anxious about this - all free of charge of course (we are not fans of hidden costs).


Our crafts tend to range from £4 to £25 per person. It really depends on the craft projects you want to make at the event. We also offer bespoke packages.


We will show you a catalogue of the crafts we have taught and work with you to create the best option. We know craft and what works where, so can give all the advice you need. Even if you have no idea who is going to turn up, the craft they might like or the level of experience they have, we can support you with creating a brilliant event.

See below for specific information on popular events:

Think outside of the box to create unique memories.

  • Leaving parties - If someone is moving abroad, or changing company, why not create keepsakes.

  • Fundraising - We can work with you to create a bespoke package to help raise funds for your cause.

  • Name change celebration - We can customise our craft session to celebrate with you.

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