Helping you make the right pricing decisions

We believe that pricing is the hardest part of launching a business. It can be a struggle to get an equal balance between covering your costs while making it affordable for your customers. When we started in business, we put our prices so low that customers thought the quality was untrustworthy, and we couldn't make back the time spent on making the craft. This workshop is split into two:


We start the workshop off with talk covering advice from within the industry. This includes their stories of what worked, and what didn't. We will give resources for 

resources for improving your pricing

We start the w

group advice

This is not a competition, or a chance for someone to go all Simon Cowell on your craft items. This is your opportunity for people to give you their honest thoughts on your items. They will autonomously say how much they would charge, and any suggestions they might have. You will then be able to talk over tea and cake, to give you a chance to discuss your pricing and network.