A Bedside Table Gets Leathered

...and by leathered, I mean it gets covered in faux leather. I do admit a drunken bedside table may be more entertaining, but I don't waste my cocktails on showing furniture a good time.

My home is a place where unloved furniture goes to be reborn. It may hear abuse from me for a few years; "Those ugly bedside tables really needs a makeover" but one day it will have my full attention.


Some years ago we unexpectedly had to move out of a fully furnished home into a blank canvas. Emergency cheap furniture buying began and two second-hand bedside tables were a steal at just £5 each. We quickly filled them with junk and left them to gather dents along the way. The time had come to show them some TLC.

Our bed is covered in brown faux leather so when I saw a shop selling a pair of bedside tables which matched this style, I was tempted to just buy new. I then saw the price tag of over £150 for a pair and I knew I could save some penniesby upcycling my bedside tables.

I got the faux leather from a local fabric shop at a reasonable cost. I dismantled the bedside cabinet and put each section over the material to measure what I needed (plus around 8cm so the material can tuck around the wood). I then stapled the material to the wood using a staple gun.*

*I first tried to stick the material with wood glue. The well-known wood glue which is as strong as gorillas made me too impatient. It was also prone to air bubbles which was a nightmare for a perfectionist like me. The only good thing about it was it is messy – I’m that kind of girl. I love a project that you can get stuck into.


  1. Feel the power of the stapler. You should welcome the feeling that will take over you as you hold that staple gun in your hand. You may want to let out a ‘mwah ha ha’. This is allowed, and will be seen in the quality of the end result, probably.

  2. Hold the material super tight before you staple. Tight is right!

  3. Always start stapling material from the middle and work out to the corners.

  4. The doors need the most amount of thought. They are easy enough, just remember that you want them to close! Pull the material all the way in and over.

  5. When you get to the corners, don’t bunch it at the edges too much. Cut off any areas which are thick. This will stop the material bundling together and making it hard to put back together.

I am really pleased with how these upcycled bedside tables turned out. I am also happy with how quick it is to change furniture with fabric with a staple gun. Have you ever upcycled a piece of furniture? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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