Things To Do At The Crafty Bug Cafe in Woolston

Hello crafters,

We recently moved into The Crafty Bug Cafe in Woolston, Southampton. We moved in because we have long loved this venue, holding lots of craft workshops including the old Craft & Laugh the group. We thought you should know all about the wonderful things available at this venue. We might be in hibernation due to lockdown, but one day we will all be able to enjoy the following again...

1. Cafe Delights

If you need a bacon sandwich in your life, or just cake, lots and lots of cake, then come on down to the Crafty Bug. From cheese cakes to cheese and onion slices. From fry up to scone. Eat in or take away to scoff at home. Speak to Lisa and her team at The Crafty Bug Cafe.

2. Toddler Play and Baby Sensory

Find out when the Cafe is open and bring your little one down to play.

Sensory groups are 1 hour of themed sensory play with squash and biscuit for them and tea or coffee for you. Speak to Lisa and her team at The Crafty Bug Cafe.

3. Craft for Adults

We hold regular craft events for adults in our new space at The Crafty Bug Cafe. These include:

  • Hosted craft parties for hen parties, baby showers, birthdays and other celebrations.

  • Group craft events to meet new people in the community.

  • Beginner craft events to learn new craft events in a fun environment. Check out the 'About The Crafts' page to find out more.

  • Coming soon - Book a craft table. Book time to spend with friends, lovers and mothers.

All our events are listed on our Events tab. These are held at The Crafty Bug Cafe, but ran by Gemma and Sue from Mayinspire.

4. Pottery

For all ages, The Crafty Bug Cafe has lots of pottery available to paint. These will be put in the kiln to make your masterpiece look magnificent. Speak to Lisa and her team at The Crafty Bug Cafe.

5. Afternoon Team

Visit The Crafty Bug for a fancy afternoon tea. Scoff scones and jam until your heart is content. Speak to Lisa and her team at The Crafty Bug Cafe.

That is a snippet of what is going on in our crafty hub in Woolston. We hope to see you when the pesky pandemic calms down :)

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