We have (proudly) joined Southampton Time Bank

We are so pleased to share that we have joined Southampton Time Bank as a partnered organisation. Read on below for information about Time Bank, why we joined and how you could get a free craft session from us!

What is Time Bank?

Time Bank is an amazing initiative to share time within a community. There will be things you are incredible at, and things you struggle with - you are only human. As a community, we can work together to get those jobs done and build a planet that we feel even more a part of.

For every hour you give, you get an hour back. Maybe you can sew on a button for someone, or walk their dog. In return, someone from the Time Bank might help you put up that shelf you've had on the floor for years or help you on your computer. Organisations, like us, also donate experiences so you might get a free craft session, just for helping someone out.

Members receive a newsletter with the current request. You scan you eye over the list, and if you fancy helping, then you let Time Bank know. There is no pressure to do any tasks you don't want to. Things people might ask for help with:

  • Form filling

  • Gardening

  • Decorating

  • A lift to the hospital

  • A film/book club buddy

Give your time and feel good knowing that someone appreciated you and your skill.

Why we joined

We spend a lot of time within the Southampton community for our craft workshops. It is such an amazing city and (we know it sounds cliche, but) the community really does give it its strength. From the arts and music community, to the over 50's community, there are so many people coming together. There is so much to be a part of!

We fell in love with the idea of donating workshop places so the Time Bank heroes out there can get a little reward. We also have skills from running Mayinspire, so we are happy to give business help were possible. It just feels nice to give back and if we can encourage people to become a member, then that's an absolute bonus.

Find out more about Southampton Time Bank

Visit their website for lots of information about the here: https://southamptontimebanks.wordpress.com/


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