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Happy New Year you crafty lot!

We hope you had a fabulous Christmas break. Were you lucky enough to get any crafty gifts that you are excited to get using, or have you made a New Years resolution to learn a new craft skill? Personally, I really needed that time to switch off and enjoy some priceless family time.

Did you love our 2018 Blogmas attempt *insert sarcastic tone of voice here*?

We were rubbish and only did one Blogmas blog haha. Maybe this year we will do better. Wishful thinking.

Anyhoo, back to the swap'aroo



I love a secret santa swap, and I (obviously) love craft so mixing these two together causes excitement levels which match those of a child being handed a pick n' mix bag of sweets.

I had been involved with the #CraftBlogClub Secret Santa Swap before so I knew it was one I wouldn't regret. If you haven't heard of #CraftBlogClub before then head over to their website for more information. I love getting involved with their Tuesday Twitter chat because they are the nicest bunch of people you could have a craft chat with. Genuine, helpful and funny...it's a nice mix.


Everyone that wanted to be involved with the swap got given the name of someone else in the group. You don't find out who had your name until the gift arrives in the post - eek! There were no rules for how much you need to include in the gift, or what you included. The unwritten rule was to enjoy sending it and make it something another crafter would enjoy. You could also do some innocent stalking of your person too, to make sure what you sent wouldn't offend (for example, in 2016 I was included in a Secret Santa Swap where someone sent a handmade leather purse to a vegan. Everyone was very polite about it, but it was awkward!).


Thank you, thank you, thank you to Fiona (fizzi~jayne makes...) for my amazing gift!

After unwrapping the tissue paper, the first thing I opened was the card...and oh what a card it is haha! It says:

When you stop believing in Santa, you get pants

There is something so lovely about receiving a card through the post. A little bit of happy mail just for you. I also loved that this card and the fabulous postcard is designed by Fiona. The postcard wasn't filled in so I will be finding someone suitably fantastic to send this to. I'll be using my 'posh' hand writing so that the postman doesn't judge my postcard handwriting.

There was more!

When I opened up this gift, I twirled this stunning Christmas decoration around and around and around so it could catch the light. If you were watching, you would have also heard a number of oooh's from me because I truly think it is lovely. I have been meaning to make a flat Christmas tree from recycled wood to display my favourite baubles. I now have another good reason to make this tree for Christmas 2019!

Next I saw the brilliant coaster which reads:

If you can read this you need a refill

This is going to be my motivation on those Mojito-Monday's, Thirsty-Tuesday's, Wine-Wednesday's, Tequila-Thursday's, Fizz-Friday's, Shot-Saturday's and Smoothy-Sunday's ;)

If this wasn't enough, it was also wrapped in the most amazing wrapping paper. I 100% unwrapped this slowly and have kept it. It is by Joanne Hawker who I hadn't heard of before, but I have gone all heart eyed for her designs. Her style is seriously a bit of me.

How lucky was I?

Check out Fiona's shop and sign up to her blog newsletters: http://www.fizzijaynemakes.com/

Thank you Fiona, I am so grateful for your gift. I opened it with Sue from MayInspire and we both loved it.

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