Flying High With Flybe - Scotland Adventures

With extended family in Scotland I will always grab an opportunity to travel up from England. When Flybe told me that they could make this happen I was over the moon to take this flight. After booking our dates online we were set to fly.


Since we could only fit in 6 days away, the lovely fiance convinced me to squeeze everything into hand luggage. A small suitcase each plus my handbag was enough, even for me. The plus side being that we could skip the baggage check-in desk and head straight to the hot chocolates and coffee.


Once we were sufficiently warmed up, we made our way to the plane. We picked our seats when booking so I knew we were nicely at the back. No seat drama for us with flip down tables or small children kicking the back...deluxe :)


Taking off is my favourite part, which has always surprised me since I HATE roller coasters. The excitement of launching up up up and away. The child-like feeling of looking out the window and searching for your home at a bird's-eye view. Disappearing into the clouds.


It's not long until you forget you are in the sky. We were hoping for a round of Krispy Kreme doughnuts from their menu but they were all out so we opted for the next best thing...

And although the flight was only 90 minutes we still had time to mess around in our own geeky way.


On the way down when the pressure changed it called for a popping of the ears.

Official instructions: Hold nose. Close eye. Close mouth. Breath out. Ears pop. Pain gone. Magic. Happy days.

I'm told this isn't safe so perhaps I should add 'don't try this at home'. It's the only thing that helps me so I'll continue to be a rebel.


The voice of pilot Gary Boyle comes the tannoy system and tells us that we will be landing soon. We've been an average of 24,000 feet in the air with Carlisle being our highest point. Also speedy gonzales had been travelling an average of 350 mph (wow imagine that down the motorway)!

Finally we are told that we were 15 minutes early. Thanks Gazza, good flying.

Look at the gorgeous Lake District. Such bonus to the flight.


Safely landed we collected our complimentary chocolate from our flight attendants Jamie and Jo.


We were ready to see Scotland!

We had a brilliant time travelling around, meeting new faces and seeing new sights. I'll share the rest of our adventure soon!

Honest review: Flybe gifted me with return flights to Edinburgh for two adults as part of a competition. This has absolutely no influence on my opinions made in this post.

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