MayInspire Update - From Blog to Business

Hi you crafty, quirky bunch,

Gemma here!

We've been making some fun changes lately so I wanted to give you a run down of what's happened, and where we are now.

Why are you saying 'We'?

Followers of MayInspire will know that I am a big mumsie fan (I am also a dad fan, but I digress). This means it is an absolute honour to officially welcome the legendary force of Sue, my very own mumsie, to MayInspire. She's my mum, not yours, so I will call her Sue from now on!

When MayInspire started growing from a hobby and into a business, I knew the one person I needed onboard. Sue has always been doing craft but didn't class herself as 'crafty'. Homemade gifts, pottery making and drawing; isn't that what everyone does?! Well, no Sue, you secret craft addict, your craft hiding days are up.

Those who come to our Craft & Laugh group will know all about Sue, and her tea drinking ways. She has been a key part of the hands-on side to MayInspire over the last year. Planning craft training, creating items for the shop and bringing new techniques to this bad-ass-business.

The Future of the MayInspire Blog

MayInspire was always a craft and cocktail blog. Set up to follow my handmade adventures and what cocktail I was sipping on; this is where everything started. The more I spoke about this blog to people, the more I was asked to do creative skills workshops. This also led to people asking me to make them gifts and accessories for their beautiful homes.

Fast forward to today and these things have merged to create the new MayInspire. The company that runs creative skills workshops to adults, produces unique handmade gifts and a shop full of loveliness...oh and has a new logo:

That's the new look logo. Obviously we had to design it with Sue and I getting up to creative mischief. I did adore my blog logo, however it needed to change so that it represented the company as it is now. I know I am biased, but I think it is adorable.

With this new venture, we both own a few hats.

Quite the collection, huh?!

These hats, in all their beauty, display our different passions and priorities for MayInspire. In terms of blogging, it's still very important to us, we just might not always be introducing ourselves as a 'blogger', depending on which hat we are rocking on the day. My favourite things about blogging is the community and the characters I have met over the years. There was no way MayInspire could walk away from this.

MayInspire in a nutshell

The passion and priority is always on promoting the love of being crafty with a quirky twist.

Creative Workshops for Adults

These groups are so exciting for me and I absolutely love teaching at them.

We run monthly groups and we attend events/ parties. Eventually we plan to launch online courses and kits which are delivered to your door.

It has always been important to us that these groups are non-judgemental places for adults to go and get their creativity on! It doesn't mattered what level of craft someone is at. Craft is extremely accessible and we cater all our classes for beginner to pro-crafter. We also accommodate for different styles so that everyone can make their project individual to them.

Gift Shops

We have two shops - online and brick and mortar!

Visit our new Etsy shop:

This is a growing shop, for the perfect, unique gifts. We will also have accessories in all my favourite pastel colours, for the Kawaii loving fashion geek (like me)!

We also have a shop unit at Robins Nest Emporium which you should come and visit. It's open 7 days a week. This has a lot of one off handmade items and bric-a-brac that you won't find in our Etsy shop.

The Blog

This is the ongoing, online story of two craft-a-holics.

I guarantee that I will continue with my terrible humour and "Don't be a sheep, be a unicorn" outlook on life. Additionally you will see blogs from Sue and her "Do more of what you love and be thrifty" approach to living.

MayInspire will continue to be full of colour, sharing our handmade life and the places we visit. We also dive into the lives of other creative people, sharing their interesting stories with the craft lovers of the world. We will always explore the wide variety of creative living while keeping true to our fun ways.

Us at MayInspire are always looking for new ventures to take on, so who knows where we'll be next year!

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