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How To Use A Pompom Maker

Pompoms, the fabulous balls of fluff that make any craft project more joyful. I bloody love them. They are super soft to the touch and they can be very colourful. There are many ways to make a pompom. You may remember making them using cardboard, or simply wrapping them around your hand. These are great alternatives, but they can be inconsistent, fiddly, and the cardboard version doesn’t last very long.

In this blog I will show you how to use a pompom maker. The style I prefer is sadly made from plastic (you know how much we hate plastic here at Mayinspire) but luckily it is so reusable, it could last you a lifetime.

You may have seen these in craft shops. They come in various sizes. The most common four sizes are 3.8cm, 4.8cm, 6.8cm and 8.8cm (1.5", 1.9", 2.7" and 3.5").

How do you use a pom pom maker?


Step One - wrap wool around

Pompom makers open out to give you two identical sides. It doesn’t matter which side you start in first. Begin to wrap your wool around half of the pompom maker until the first half is full.

For a thick pompom, keep wrapping until there is no curve - just like in this picture.

Cut your ball of wool off and close this half of the pompom maker. Complete the same steps for the second half of your pompom.

Step Two - cut your pompom

Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut along the centre of one half of your pompom. Once done, do the same for your second half. Keep the pompom maker closed or your wool could come undone.

Step Three - tie your pompom together

Cut a piece of wool. Around 20cm will be more than enough.

Place this wool into the gap of the pompom maker. Tie a knot, or three to secure your pompom together.

Carefully open your pompom maker to release your beautiful ball of fluff.

Step Four - trim and tidy

Possibly the hardest part of pompom making is the trim and tidy at the end. You can do this though, I believe in your cutting skills even if you don't.

First cut down the excess string from when you tied the pompom together.

Now begin cutting off any strands of the pompom that stand out. Turn your pompom in one direction at a time, while lightly snipping away.

Once you have snipped off all the wild strands, you are done.

Throwing your pompom in the air and catching it is highly recommended. Get ready for immense stress ball vibes as you realise how soft your new creation is.

Craft tip: Pompoms can be added to many projects including embroidery, wreaths and dreamcatchers.

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