FIREBOX Have Added New Items 😍

The online shop FIREBOX have added some items, and as a fun loving kind of person I knew you would want to be the first to know. Here are nine items picked for your visual pleasure.

Donut Tea Lights

I donut care that I donut need these. I want them.


This modern take on embroidery is eye catching.

Cactus Lamp

Would I feel a prick if I had this cactus in my home?

Neon Lights

If only I had these lights to brighten up my bedroom. Yesterday I slapped my neon my bedside table.

Beauty & The Beast Chip Mug

If you would like to send me this mug; be my guest.

Saguaro Glasses

Make your social life less Cact-I and more Cact-us.

Moonshot Gin

It's out of this world.

All photos credit goes to FIREBOX.COM. Check out their website if you fall in love with these items like I did.

Honest blogs: This post is NOT sponsored, in any shape or form. I simply loved it and had to share. Maybe FIREBOX will reward me with some 'Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur', maybe they won't. Nevertheless, enjoy.

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