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Find Us In Mollie Makes Magazine

Mollie Makes have officially launched their 106th edition of their craft magazine, and we are delighted to be involved.

Mollie Makes magazine is a gorgeous craft & lifestyle magazine aimed at ‘multi-crafters’. They contacted us because they are on a mission to promote local workshops. They mentioned that they want to create a feature which can show readers where they can attend amazing workshops to learn new skills throughout the UK. Also, as a fan of the magazine, we were very humbled that they thought of us to cover Hampshire.

Needless to say we loved their passion for craft workshops and their understanding of how wonderful workshops are within a community. We grabbed the chance to be involved and nervously started deciding how to 'sell' ourselves in 40 words and 1 picture. You should have seen my excitement when I caught sight of the beautiful crochet swan on the cover and flick like lightening to our page. When I found our silly picture I laughed so hard. We love love love to have a laugh and craft so I hope the picture makes that clear.

If you get a copy, we'd love to see a photo of you reading the issue - tag us on any of the socials...

Twitter: @mayinspire

Instagram: @mayinspire

Is it naughty to admit that I also moved the bundle of Mollie Makes magazines to the front at my local supermarket? Sorry, I'm not sorry.

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