Embroidery Bonus - Adult Craft Workshop (Craft & Laugh)

We have a bonus for the embroidery group which is coming up *whoops out loud*

At the next Craft & Laugh group (adult craft workshops), your pack will include an embroidery FRAME to take away and a full set of handy needles. These frames are brilliant because you can give your finished work as a gift and they hang straight on the wall.

Normally with the embroidery hoops, you need to frame your finished piece and pop it back on the hoop if you want to add to it.

Event Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/614318475600672/ or details below.

Craft and Laugh Group

Crafty Bug Cafe, Bridge Road, Woolston, Southampton - We are in a private room but the cafe is open throughout the group (completely optional) if you would like dinner, cake or drinks while you craft.

Thursday evening

5th July from 7pm - Everything included for £9. Just bring yourself.

This adult creative group meet on the first Thursday of every month.

See you there!

Gem and Sue x



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