An Open Letter To My Mumsie

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Dear Mumsie,

Since I was a little one, you instilled a sense of comfort in all things creative. You taught me to find joy in nature, craft and being around people. You showed that people do not need materialistic things when they have love and imagination.

I remember colouring rainbows onto the pavement with chalk and having the freedom to just that terrible birdhouse I hammered together from old wood. You taught me to experiment without fear. Along with my wonderful dad, you led by example and I admire the creations you would upcycle including a two story guinea pig hutch and a magical fairy garden.

When I started teaching craft skills to adults, I knew who I needed by my side. When most parents get to set their children free, I dragged you along with my adventure. Thank you for being my rock in this crafty journey for all these years. As in life, you have been there for the highs and lows. You calm my nerves and help me shake off anxieties of not being good enough.

Mayinspire has been such a fun adventure with you. OK, you may still get the company name wrong, insisting to call it Mayinspired, and you may have a habit of putting paint brushes into cups of tea, but I wouldn't have you any other way. Your artwork which turns into original designs for our crafters is amazing and you care about making true connections with people that attend our workshops. This creativity and kindness shines through.

On days like Mother's Day, I am given an opportunity to show appreciation for everything you have given me. You gave me a childhood full of so much love, protection and inspiration and I will be forever grateful for the mum you have been.

Happy Mother's Day, you truly beautiful woman.

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